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An Introduction to Hot Stone Massage

March 19, 2020

Are you interested in experimenting with something unique in order to get relief from chronic joint pains and also find peace of mind? If yes, then you can go for exclusive hot stone massage that you can avail for top-rated spas in UAE. It is an increasingly popular trend that is catching up with everyone with refined tastes and concerned about their health, especially the elites. Undergoing a few sessions of hot stone massage in Dubai would magically increase your fitness level and fill you with tons of positive vibes.

Hot Stone Massage in Dubai

What Is Hot Stone Massage?

This is an obvious question that you have every right to ask. A hot stone massage is basically a massage therapy that involves smooth basalt stones (that are also non-porous) and hot, aromatic clean water to thoroughly massage your body with gentle strokes. Only professional and experienced masseurs have the expertise to give their clients a hot stone massage on demand or request. 

The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits for a hot stone massage that last long. One of the foremost advantages is your muscle tension gets remarkably reduced. It is due to the fact that critical nerve points of your body are being probed to make you feel relaxed through the body tissues. Another important benefit is you get a sensation of solace mixed with serenity through the massage. Every molecule of your body is being rejuvenated by the hydrotherapy that makes you feel lighter, stress-free and full of energy.

Hot Stone Massage in UAE

Using the Hot Stones

Several clients take interest in knowing the methods that are employed to prepare the equipment and the environment for this special massage. The temperature of the water used in the therapy ranges somewhere in the bracket of 110-130 Fahrenheit degrees. The therapist or the masseur takes note of the temperature via a sophisticated thermometer attached to a heater. The massage process is conducted by creating a cover with a towel on your body portion where the stones are supposed to be rubbed. The stones are sanitized with medicated solutions. Moreover, the experts change the stones for every client. 

Precautionary Measures

It is intelligent to take some precautionary measures when you plan to undergo a session or a few sessions of hot stone massage. If you have any skin condition, it is wise to tell it to the masseur in charge of the session. For situations like open wounds or serious skin infections, it is preferable not to take the massage. Heat can be a nemesis for specific skin diseases and may worsen your condition. 

From an overall perspective, going for a hot stone massage is truly beneficial and exciting, too.