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Benefits of Opting for Energy-Efficient Water Heaters

March 20, 2020

Are you tired of receiving high-cost energy bills at the end of the month? Have you tried everything to reduce your monthly energy costs? It might be time to consider getting a more efficient water heater. After all, water heaters constitute for up to 20% of your energy bill. Changing to an energy-efficient water heater will yield a variety of cost-saving benefits for you and your household. For the best efficient water heater Dubai has to offer, visit the Atlantic Comfort website and explore our wide variety of energy-efficient products. Buying an energy-efficient water heater might just be the best thing that you can do!

Energy-Efficient Water Heater

Low Energy Consumption

There is no surprise that the biggest benefit of using an energy-efficient water heater is the fact that your energy consumption is greatly reduced. Where standard water heaters heat the water from the bottom upwards, the energy-efficient models heat water from the center-outward. This means that the heat is spread more evenly and will thus be able to heat the water a lot faster. Faster heating means less energy usage and higher savings!

Save On Maintenance

Unless you are handy around the home the chances are unlikely that you will be able to maintain your water heater without the assistance of a professional. Standard water heaters need to be checked more often while the design of the energy-efficient units allows for fewer maintenance checks and overall better running performance. Since you will not need to maintain as often, you will save on having to hire a professional to do checkups.

Better Insulation

One of the downfalls of the older water heater designs is that they are unable to retain their heat well. This is one of the top reasons why your energy bill is so high: when the water in storage reaches a certain temperature, the water heater will begin reheating the water. However, with the more energy-efficient design, these units have better insulation and can keep the water hotter for longer before having to reheat it.

High-Efficiency Water Heaters

Less Water Usage

High-efficiency water heaters also use less water if you are making use of the tankless water heater. This system does not require a storage tank; instead, the water is only heated when you open the tap. This saves massively on water costs especially if you are only using low amounts of water per month or if you have a very large family. This means that you are cutting your water and energy costs at the same time!

Higher Life Expectancy

Standard water heaters do not have a very long-life expectancy. They generally only work for up to a maximum of fifteen years. While the energy-efficient units can last up to ten years longer! This means that you will experience all of the abovementioned benefits for a longer period saving you much more money over the long-term.