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Features of The McLaren 650s

April 16, 2020

When it comes to supercars, certain features, though only aesthetic in nature, surely gets us excited and thrilled. Most individuals love a custom paint work or maybe even exclusive stitching. Additionally, a little extra oomph in the interior that sets one from another, is surely another USP for the vehicle. That being said, some opt for luxury cars only for the driving experience it has to offer. The prefer vehicles with features that enhance the driving experience of the car. So, here we discuss the top five specific features you would find when you rent Mclaren 650s in Dubai.


Assume you’re on the highway and not surrounded by cars, so the inner car enthusiast in you wants to feel the surge and power of the car. So, you would drop down a few gears, but it is always hard to guess at what speed the car would go down to while driving. With this feature, all you have to do, is lower your speed and just hit the pedal, after which you feel a click on the accelerator. It further causes the gearbox to drop down to the optimal speed and then the maximum acceleration will follow.

Mclaren 650s


It is essentially your rear glass that drops, effectively channeling the sound to the interiors of the vehicle. The sound resonates inside and surely enhances the overall driver’s sensation.


Effectively it is a single piece paddle. In simple terms, when you pull one gear, the other automatically depresses, allowing them to work connectively. It gives the driver a better feel when changing gears, and makes you feel more connected.

Optimal Gear

Hold and pull the paddle towards you and the gearbox will automatically drop down to the optimal speed. Basically, it operates in a similar manner as the kick down, except this is engaged to the paddles instead. This feature enables an excellent drive both on road and on tracks.

Brake Steer

Brake Steer

This feature ensures there’s no over or under steering, which further increases the maneuverability of the vehicle.

In Conclusion

You really have to appreciate the McLaren’s ingenuity when it comes to implementing advance technology. That being said, features aren’t just about maximum performance or cliché features that are standard in most vehicles. The ones discussed above are what makes the overall driving experience smooth for any driver. That’s in fact what makes the McLaren so special amongst its rivalries. It is the ideal on-road and on-track vehicle. Click here to rent the vehicle at an optimal rate.