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Five Ways to Identify When Your Car Battery Needs A Change

March 23, 2020

Most car owners feel understanding the various components of a car is too cumbersome for them and would rather call a mechanic ones their car breaks down, this isn't so as there are little parts of the car that is easy to monitor when warning signals are given and one of such is the battery of the car. The battery of a car can be likened to how the brain is responsible for the body to function. The car battery is responsible for providing power for your car to function. Understanding these five signs will help you know when you need a car battery change Dubai. Here are the five Ways to identify when your car battery needs a change;

Engine Starts Slowly

Your car battery should last three to four years before it gets tired and so if your battery is old and your engine becomes slow to start, it most likely will need to be changed. Although there may be other reasons for a slow engine, it may be that of an almost loose connection hindering power from getting to the motor or some attachment like the boot or door was not properly locked.

Battery Leakage

Battery Leakage

It’s very good to be observant when dealing with your car, this is because your battery doesn’t necessarily have to be old to be faulty if your battery shows signs of being swollen or leaking it should be replaced. This may be a result of too much heat that has reduced the battery life.

Engine Lights Are Dim

This is another pointer that your battery may be faulty. This is because your battery is responsible for sending power down to all the electrical compartment of the car and so you should observe your light, dashboard, and all other parts that require power because if you have a faulty battery it will be difficult for these things to be powered fully. It is also important to note that what you plug into the car while using it may also affect your battery life.

Engine Signal Light Appears

This is a warning light that brings to your notice when something isn’t right with your car or when your battery needs attention, although if the light is on it may be for some other reasons, you can only find out when you read your manual or go check your battery to be sure it’s working well.

Boost Your Battery

Engine Won’t Start on Its Own

If you have had to use external supply like; someone else’s battery to start yours or jump start cables severally to start your car then it needs to be changed, even if you had to boost your battery because it was drained. The whole process of boosting the battery weakens it and may end up damaging some other part of the car. The best thing is to replace the battery to avoid more complications.

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