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How an Aesthetic Clinic Is Different from A Spa?

March 18, 2020

Though both an aesthetic clinic and a spa or salon provides skincare and beauty treatments there are major differences between the two. While the former deals with anti-ageing treatments that have been medically proven and treatment of medical conditions, the latter is a place of beauty treatments that are non-medical in nature. One would naturally feel relaxed in a spa or salon, but the scenarios will be different in an aesthetic clinic. One needs to differentiate on the services that one needs and contact the necessary center for fit. There are a number of Dubai aesthetic clinic in the city. We further briefly mention a few differences between the two.

Dubai Aesthetic Clinic

Certified Professionals Vs Trained Beauticians

An aesthetic clinic provides treatments by highly trained, qualified and certified personnel who have done a degree or diploma course in the subject. On the other hand, a beauty salon or spa can be run by anyone including an illiterate person who has had some sort of training in the beauty regimes conducted in the spa or salon. 


Aesthetic clinics offer treatments in anti-ageing, medical causes like eczema, dermatitis etc. while spa and salons offer grooming treatments and beautification rituals. Examples of procedures that are conducted in an aesthetic clinic include laser hair removal of the body and face, liposuction, chemical peels, removal of wrinkles etc. while those of a spa or salon include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, shampooing, waxing, haircuts etc.

UAE Aesthetic Clinic


Aesthetic clinics use ingredients that are of medical nature and can be potent in nature. This is not the case with the ingredients used in spa and salons. 


The equipment used in an aesthetic clinic is of complex nature and the operator has to go a proper certified training for it, but this is not the case for the equipment used in spa and salons. 

The aesthetic clinic can be held accountable for non-attainment of desired results but there is no such complexity in the case of the other. One can easily learn more about the many types of treatments that are conducted in an aesthetic clinic by reading through dermatology journals.